Friday, September 6, 2013

Annie and Danny's FastPass Podcast, Episode 3 - Snow White's Sassy Mouth

Hey Folks!

It's Friday in the Blog-o-Sphere, and that means that Annie and I have got another Podcast posted and ready to rock.

This time we tackled a fresh re-watch of the original Disney animated classic, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. We break down the legendary flick with fresh eyes, Annie finds her salty mouth, and I reveal my secret time-travel fantasies.

Click here to Listen

Also, we are now officially available on iTunes, where ALL THREE Episodes are downloadable. I highly recommend using the excellent Podcasts App if you're using an Apple product. 

Just search for us in the iTunes store as "Annie and Danny's Fastpass Podcast"

Send us your feedback either on Twitter (I'm @BeefyDisney , she's @DJPhob) or by e-mail at

Happy Listening!

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