Friday, August 23, 2013

Annie and Danny's FastPass Podcast, Episode 1 - Stud Lightbeam

Hey Everybody!

Annie from B Ticket Blog and I decided to do a podcast, and in a shockingly uncharacteristic move for (at least) me, we actually did it.

We will be on iTunes in the next few days, but until then, check out the pod! We talk a little about ourselves, what started us down the path of our Disney love, and we talked a little about some other Disney stuff, too.

There's even an assignment for the readers!!

Please, please, PLEASE give us your feedback. We will talk about anything and everything Disney, AND we're hoping to do a Reader Mail segment, so send your Reader Mail Topics to


  1. It's not working on my work computer either. Come on, iTunes...

    1. Just kidding. False alarm. Nothing to see here.