Monday, May 12, 2014

The Pixie Duster Quiz

Hi All

Thanks for listening to the podcast! Take your very own Pixie Duster Quiz below:

1) Stitches Great Escape vs. Alien Encounter
a) Stitch is so cute and awesome, and that attraction is really fun!  + 5 points
b) Eh... It's fine. I liked Alien Encounter better, but I get why they changed it. +2 points
C) It's a total embarrassment, and Alien Encounter was revolutionary! -5 points

2) Polynesian Water Feature
a)Boo!!! Removing that water feature will take away much of what the Polynesian theming was all about. 
All in pursuit of more money. Fail!! - 3 points
b) Yay!! DVC is cool, and I'm sure whatever they do to it will be great. +3 points
c) I'll miss the water feature, but it's not the reason I go to WDW - +1 point

3) Avatar in Animal Kingdom
a) Avatar is a great movie, and I can't wait to see what the Imagineers do with Pandora! +4 points
b) Avatar is a great movie, but I don't see how it fits with Animal Kingdom... I guess we'll see - +2points
c) Avatar sucks, but I have faith Disney won't let us down. -2 points
d) Avatar sucks, James Cameron Sucks, and it's not Disney. GET IT OUT! -4 points

4) Original Tiki Room vs. Under New Management
a) Walt is spinning in his grave! Get rid of Zazu and Iago! - -3 points
b) Who cares as long as there's Dole Whip and Air Conditioning? - 0 points
c) I miss the old one, but my kids love Iago and Zazu - +4 points

5) Characters in Epcot!
a) I like it! Alice BELONGS in England! Arendelle is in Norway! It makes perfect sense! + 4points
b) I like it! Fewer kids in the lines for things I care about! 0 points
c) Characters do NOT belong in Epcot you Philistine! - 3 points

6) Court of Angels Being Closed to Public
b) Eh... it was a cool picture spot, but I never went to DL for it. +1 point
c) It gives even more incentive to become a Club 33 Member!!! +4 points

7) Fantasyland Expansion
a) It's dumb, and it took too long for what it ended up being! - 3 points
b) It took too long, but they added some great stuff! + 2 points
c) Who cares how long it took? It's AWESOME! Mine Train Forever!!! +4 points

8) WDW Transportation System
a) Ugh! Those buses take forever and they're always so crowded!! - 4 points
b) They need more buses, but it's definitely better than driving. + 2 points
c) I love the BUBBLE! Buses and Boats for-eva! +3 points

9) Carousel of Progress
a) It's an institution, and a wonderful time capsule just as it is! It just needs a little love. Long Live CoP! +4 points
b) The song is a classic, but they need to either update it. It's sad as it is. +2
c) Eh... Air conditioning? 0 points
d) CoP is the OPPOSITE of Progress. Get rid of it, and put in something people care about! -3 points. 

10) Walt Disney World 1984 vs. 2014
a) It's amazing! There are so many more options and attractions! I LOVE IT! + 3 points
b) there are some things I miss, and some new things I love. It's still great, but there are times i miss the old days. -1
C) It's all so commercial now, and it's all about making money, and the CMs are rude, and it's not as clean.. -4 points

Total Possible Points
40 Points to -33 Points

-33 to -20 points - Full On Foamer - Chill dude.
-20 to 0 points - Need a Napkin? I see some foam.
1 to 20 points - Wow... You love some Disney, huh?
20 to 40 points - You're so covered in pixie dust, you're about to take flight!

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